What should you not do with a husky?

What should you not do with a husky?

When it comes to what you should not do with a Husky, one of the most important things is to avoid leaving them alone for long periods of time. Huskies are social dogs and need a lot of attention and interaction with their owners.

What should you not do with a husky?

When it comes to things that you should not do the number one is:

1. Don’t introduce yourself with head pets

Number one is basically the mistake that every single person makes and it’s not only with huskies. It’s basically with every single breed. Whenever you see a husky out there the first thing you want to do It’s gone up to him. Be like wow this is the cutest dog I have ever seen. I want to put it on the head But that’s the worst mistake That You can make. The 1st thing you should do is Whenever you meet A Siberian husky. Take your hand end place it out like

What should you not do with a husky

This lets them smell You and see precisely what You are presenting them. You are letting them know like hey I don’t have anything in My hand. I am not being quick or harmful So you know get used to my smell. Then the best place to Pet them It’s kind of by their Ear like.

What should you not do with a husky

Right here or by their neck. They really like to get Pet kind of By their face where they can see what’s

  Going on the problem with petting them on their head. Which is the number one place everyone wants to pet them. Right of the bath is that they can’t see your hand when It goes behind their eyes.  And they know what you are doing so watch so many times.  Kids go up to Husky and they go like this and they pull back. And they go But  See the dog is trying to see what your hand is doing. They don’t feel comfortable with you putting your hand over their head.  Where they can’t  see in a lot of times this establishes a weird awkward relationship Right of the bath 

Start out by just letting a husky smell your hand and lick it. And if they like you then go ahead and pet them. You know right there next to their face on their cheeks. If they feel comfortable then you can make your way up to their head. Still, whenever I take my hand and I just come forward and. I go above his head he always goes up.

A lot of kids are nervous you know to touch a dog. So when a dog does that they pull back really fast. So just remember whenever you are petting a Siberian husky for the first time. Let them sniff your hand and. Go girl good girl there you go that’s a good boy and then start rubbing. Next to where they can see preferably on the cheek. Or next to the ear the worst to do is just reach your hand out and just be like oh. This is a good way to get bit by a dog that you aren’t familiar with.

2. Don’t play with a husky’s tail!


The second thing that you should never do. I know Siberian huskies look fluffy they have this crazy tail that kind of curves up in the back. And it seems like the fluffiest tail you’ve ever seen in your life. But one thing you don’t want to do. And you definitely don’t want little kids to do is go up and grab that tail. And tug on it or play with it loser she’s already like excuse me. Why did you pull on my butt bail I’m like sorry lady. I know you don’t like it Siberian huskies really don’t like their tails to be messed with and

I know it’s so hard the number one thing that you want to do. When you’re looking at a felony majestic creature like this is going up. And you know kind of mess with their tail a little bit but look see she’s like. No sir I did not give you the permission and the go-ahead to touch my booty. So be sure that you’re discouraging little kids from messing around with a huskies tail. I know it looks enticing to play with I know it looks comfortable. But really they are going to get aggravated and possibly lash out at you

if you start messing around with their junk.

3. Never wake A sleeping husky!


The last thing you ever wanted to do is sneak up on a Siberian husky. When they’re napping or sleeping and go up and just touch them. Anywhere when huskies are sleeping and they’re in their comfort zone. If you go up and just start messing with them. Especially if you are a stranger and you don’t know them well. That huskies not going to like it very much and this kind of goes for any dog really any dog.

That is sleeping if you go up and you like to mess with them. And stuff look at her eye she’s already just like listen, bro so just keep in mind. When Siberian huskies are snoozing they’re dreaming about things crazy stuff. And if you go up and interrupt that dream or that nap well. It becomes a possibility that you might get nipped. Or bit so just make sure that you don’t ever do that and that goes for me too.

If you ever see me sleeping in bed don’t ever come up with a mess. with me cuz, I might bite you too so those are the three things. That you should never do to a Siberian husky. It’s an excellent way to prevent any bites or unwanted nips. Those of you out there who have young ones at home. It’s a good idea to heed these warnings. Because it’s not that Siberian huskies are aggressive in fact. They’re not even a little bit aggressive. But if you do some of these things it sometimes is as if you interrupt the dog’s sleep. Or if you grab their tail or if you put them in the wrong sport. Before you’re familiar with the dog it may cause them. To feel uncomfortable and lash out so. Just keep these things in mind it’s an excellent way to keep your house safe.