Training a labrador retriever

Training a labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers are loyal and intelligent dogs and they are very easy to train. In this article, I will share 4 rules with you that are the most important rules for training a labrador retriever. So if you follow these rules you will be able to train your labrador retriever fast.

At what age can we start training our labrador

For labrador puppies, there is a minimum age of 2 months. So if your puppy is over 2 months then you can Train Your puppy but if your puppy is under 2 months, he/she won’t be able to get trained as your puppy is still young. So wait till your labrador puppy is 2 months.  After your puppy is over 2 months, you can start training and if you have an adult labrador dog you can Train them at any age. You might face some problems as your labrador would have bad habits from earlier. It will take some time and effort to train but training them is possible.

What time of the day can you train your labrador retriever?

Training a labrador retriever

Training for the first time

If it’s the first time you are training your labrador then pick a time when your labrador is tired and he is a little hungry because if he is active then he won’t listen to you at all. In fact, he might start biting you during the training or get aggressive so tired means to suppose if he just woke up at that time he will be a little lazy right and hungry means like 2 hours before his meal time so he just woke up about 2 hours before his meal time. That will be the best time to train as your lab might be hungry and lazy. So at that time, your lab will respond to your commands for the temptation of treats. And your lab won’t bite you at all.

For trained puppy

If you have already trained your labrador and if you want to repeat the training then there is no best time of day for this for this you can train whenever it’s possible throughout the day. Whenever you get a chance like before giving him a treat like before taking him on a walk or whenever it’s possible.  You can Train them. So the best time is to train him throughout the day. I would also like to give you an important tip.

Important tip

If you train your labrador at the same time and the same location then after some time changes the location as well then your puppy will think this is my training time and this is my training location, for example, if you train in the evening on your balcony he will respond to your training there only and won’t respond anywhere else so sometimes change the position and time of training. Because it is said that your training is not complete until your dog follows your training in every situation. Sometimes he breaks our training. Sometimes he doesn’t follow our training in new situations and in front of new people. So until this happens keep training your dog.

How long should I train my labrador retriever?

Training a labrador retriever

Well to start, if you are training for the first time then you must train 15 minutes a day at least because at this age the puppy’s mind is so young that they learn rapidly and forget rapidly. If you don’t continue your training every day then he will forget very soon this is why 15 minutes a day is necessary.

What order of training should you follow? 

The order should be to teach Your puppy(not to a dog) his name if I say hey buddy then he should look at me. But I don’t think you should work for it. Because puppies learn that automatically within a few weeks. So instead you should save that time and use it for your next training.

What treats should I use for training

You can use 2-3 things for this. We use training treats that you use to give to your labrador. Once they like it. Training treats are of various kinds. You can check which ones your dogs like. You can use those or you can use low-value food like kibble. Kibble is the food that our dogs eat three times a day. That is a low value because your lab eats it every day. Your lab won’t have much interest in it. Your lab will eat it and will do the training but won’t like it a lot. High value is something that your puppy likes a lot. Also, take note to avoid overfeeding your labrador puppy.

Sit training

First, we will learn to sit command as it is very important and very basic, and is very easy. So the idea of sitting is very simple. You just need to take the treats over his head and the movement of his hip/butt touches the ground. Say yes you can also use a clicker and many people use it. We like to use yes and it’s the same thing and as you know I haven’t used the ‘’sit’’ word. We will teach him action first and then introduce the word later. So let’s change your position and give them treats. Now you need to introduce the word. So you should do this regularly and for at least 15 minutes every day. He will learn the meaning of the word if you do this for 15 minutes every day. This is how you train a puppy to sit.

Stay training

You need to start slowly. Your puppy won’t learn to Stay instantly and you will have to train for 1 second to 2 seconds. As I said earlier, don’t say stay. Take a piece of treat and put it in front of them in your hand and show them in your hand now say stay and then give the treat. What you need to teach him is that if you wait for some time then you will get treats.

There are 3 things very important in stay training

Training a labrador retriever

How long can we make him stay? 

You need to increase the time bit by bit and when he masters it then you will need to introduce the word and say yes to Mark to let him know that this is the expected behavior. You can also use a clicker. Your labrador needs to see you and wait for your gestures.

How far can you go and make the labrador puppy stay?

Because if you are too far then there is less chance that your puppy will follow your command again you should start very gradually. So what your labrador learns is you went a little far and gave me a treat. And it is the expected behavior and I haven’t used the stay word. Your puppy will start walking toward you so try to give him treats before he starts walking towards you. He learned that I get treats when I don’t move. And when it starts to happen after that we will introduce the ‘’stay’’ word.


This means if there is something in front of your puppy even if it’s his favorite thing like a treat or a toy even then he should stay and should not break it again start from basic either the treat or a toy, and drop it very gently on the ground so that he is not distracted and if you drop the thing suddenly he will be distracted for sure, so start gradually. If he is taking corrective actions that he didn’t move for 2 seconds then we will treat him. If your lab moves then we will not treat him. You can do that process with a toy, food, or treat.