8 reasons why you should not get a mini Australian shepherd

8 reasons why you should not get a mini Australian shepherd

Mini nature Australian shepherds are compact versions of the standard Australian shepherd. They can weigh between 20 to 40 pounds and stand 13 to 18 inches tall. There’s a slight variation in size between females and males. In today’s article, we are going to talk about eight negative traits of miniature Australian shepherds. These traits are what comes with the breed and if you think you can get past all the negatives. Then a miniature Australian shepherd is an excellent option for you.

Shedding fur

Many Australian shepherds have a lot of hair and this means a lot of grooming. Most owners will find they need to do a thorough brushing each week. To remove excess fur also twice yearly these dogs shed more excessively. So owners will want to increase the frequency of brushing. With frequent baths where possible while some dogs enjoy the grooming process. Others will struggle to squirm but starting Early as a puppy will likely Help.

High energy

 High-energy Australian shepherds Bred to be working And hurting dogs Are very high-energy Animals and require daily exercise. Owners may find that a dog left alone or without adequate daily physical activity will bore easily. And could cause distraction Indoors with a daily routine of outdoor stimulation. These dogs will be Excellent household pets.


You should expect to pay between $1500 to $3000  for a Mini Australian shepherd Puppy.

The more expensive puppies are often from show-winning bloodlines and are referred to as “show quality,”. Whereas pet-quality puppies are less expensive because they are typically not suitable for exhibition. However, regardless of age, adoption is the most affordable alternative for individuals seeking a companion. Because both sorts of puppies will be healthy and create the ideal family dog. Sadly, due to their great energy, lost little Aussies wind up in shelters. This indicates that there are many animals awaiting adoption into devoted homes.

Herding Instinct 

Australian shepherds are known for their herding instinct. These dogs have an irresistible impulse to hurt anything that movies. Can include other dogs, cats, children, and even birds. If you are a sedentary person this breed’s intense work drive will be too much dog for you.


While viciously loyal that can sometimes translate as extremely needy. They need consistent attention and are very susceptible to getting separation anxiety. I’m not saying you can’t have a job or ever be away from them. But if you are working a full-time job or more and having them in a crate. The entire time then they may not be the dog for you. There are ways you can remedy this by sending them to daycare or hiring a dog walker. To come in the middle of the day. However when you are home prepared to have them constantly by your side or probably right on top of you.

Eye issues 

Aussies are genetically predisposed to some serious eye diseases. These can include colobomas, cataracts detached retinas, and others. To avoid these disorders the breeder can provide reports from the parent’s recent eye exams. Owner of puppies can also ask their veterinarian about routine ophthalmology exams. Just because a dog is more susceptible to a disorder. This doesn’t mean it will happen. Despite the fact that the majority of Australian shepherds do not experience any of these eye problems. It is crucial for prospective owners to be aware of the dangers.


8 reasons why you should not get a mini Australian shepherd

Socialization was something I didn’t really know about before owning my own dogs. But it is something that is incredibly important. Especially for many Australian shepherds, it is incredible for them to be in the presence of dogs. If they are not appropriately socialized. They may be negatively impacted by kids, people, noises, and all the other new things. They may encounter throughout their life. Prone to getting shy scared and possibly aggressive or possessive with finley we had him attend Petco’s puppy Socialisation class.

 They are made especially for puppies who do not have all their vaccinations yet. Everyone is required to bring their current vaccination and they are sure to sanitize the area very well. Unfortunately due to covid 19, they are not conducting the classes. But as you know covid 19 restrictions are released now you conduct classes. I think class made such a difference in finley and how comfortable he was around people and other dogs. By the time he was able to go to the dog park he was already a pro.

Hip dysplasia 

This is a common genetic malformation hip socket of some dogs including Australian shepherds. Over time improper wear and tear on the hip joint can lead to arthritis pain. And sometimes surgery breeders should be able to provide medical confirmation of the parent’s hip health. To potential buyers dogs who get adequate exercise and a healthy diet will also generally experience fewer issues. Despite these negative traits, miniature Australian shepherds have some positive traits. That you should also consider this before getting one.

Easy to train 

The Australian shepherd is one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. This combined with their high-energy personalities makes them idle for learning tricks or tasks. Australian shepherds do well With agility competitions or as active ranch harder. With any high-performing animal, owners must ensure a secured yard. The old leash is available as the curious mind of an Aussie may lead to occasional escapes.

Climate adaptable

All Australian Shepherds have a double coat of fur. Which effectively protects the animals against all types of weather. A tuffer outer coat act as a waterproof barrier. While the fluffier undercoat act as insulation. In either hot or cold temperatures. This makes the dog a hearty Companion on farms or ranches. For outdoor sports or for those Living in regions with climate variation.


8 reasons why you should not get a mini Australian shepherd

Many Australian shepherds have wonderful personalities and adapt well to Families with children and Other dogs. Despite being high-energy animals these dogs are not aggressive. And make ideal companions in an active household. While they tend to hurt or nip people these traits are usually well-managed with early training. And lots of exercises each day families may find these dogs to be fantastic running companions or fetching buddies.


Mini Australian shepherds have an innate protective streak and may be wary of strangers. Making them excellent watchdogs with appropriate and early socialization. These dogs can learn to adapt to household guests. Aussies thrive on human companionship and thrive when they are providing a service to their owners. They will make it their role to alert their pet parents to possible dangers or incoming strangers whenever possible.

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