pros and cons of owning a German shepherd

pros and cons of owning a German shepherd

The German shepherd is known for. One of the most well-known dog breeds in the United States is the German shepherd. Which is renowned for its intelligence and capacity to tackle any task. They are loyal, courageous, and highly versatile dogs. This makes them ideal pets for all households however not everyone can handle them. So far in today’s article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of owning a German shepherd.

As hard-working dogs, German shepherds excel in almost anything. They are trained to do whether it is working as support dogs for the blind and disabled. Worked for the police and military search and rescue as well as working alongside farmers. These dogs can surely do it so long they are properly trained letter on. We’ll get to know more about what it takes to have a well-raised German shepherd.

pros and cons of owning a German shepherd


German shepherds are energetic dogs

Great news for active people who are looking for a dog. That can Take out indifferent Kinds of activities. German shepherds love to engage in various activities. That requires plenty of energy such as outdoor sports, in addition. They also enjoy spending time and playing with children. In fact, their energy can match those of children which means. That they can play for several hours. While German shepherd dogs can get along with children.  It is important to supervise their interaction with  Kids to avoid accidents  Especially during playtime.

German shepherds have a long lifespan

In general German shepherds live for a longer time. Compared to other dog breeds perfect for families that are looking for a lifelong companion. German shepherd dogs Can live for about 10 to 13 years on average. So long as they are properly taken care of meaning they receive regular veterinary check-ups. With proper nutrition and the right amount of daily exercise, this breed can live for a long time.

German shepherd comes in various colors

No, you are not stuck on the common black and tan color of the German shepherd. Although they look just as great as any other color. Not many people know this breed comes in 11 officially recognized colors. White black gray, and bicolor are only some of the colors for you to choose from. From not to mention the classic black and tangiest. Regardless you’ll have a dog that is energetic hard working and full of love and devotion for its family 

German shepherds are excellent working dogs

pros and cons of owning a German shepherd

As mentioned earlier German shepherds are versatile dogs and are commonly used for different purposes. Some German shepherd dogs were used as herders, drug sniffers, guard dogs, and therapy dogs. Whether or not you’ve trained your German shepherd dog for a specific purpose. They will be helpful nevertheless just keep in mind that they will be happier. When given a job to do so make sure to train them to help around. The house such as bringing you the remote or the socks on the floor.

German shepherds are protective dogs

One of many good things about German shepherd dogs is that they are protective of their family. And their owner’s property. It is also for this reason that they need early socialization. So that they grow into well-rounded dogs. A German shepherd dog knows when to act in different situations. Therefore, it is important to expose them to various sites, sounds, environments, people, and animals. While they are still young as guard dogs. German shepherd dogs are sure to protect you and your family from any danger. In addition, they’re also good at watching over younger members of the household. They know if something is wrong they will let you know about it.

German shepherds are loyal

Aside from being protective German shepherd dogs are also known to be very loyal and devoted to their family. They easily form deep bonds with those they see as their pack. And that bond will not easily be broken by just anyone else. Their loyalty also means that they will be wary and loot towards strangers. So make sure to socialize They are early to prevent aggressive behaviors.

German shepherds are able to adapt to many climatic situations

German shepherd dogs have a double coat that allows them to easily adjust to both hot and cold weather. Their thick coat prevents them from getting cold during winter. Meanwhile, in summer they shed most of their coat. Just to make sure that they always have access to clean water and shade. Whenever you take them out during hot weather.

German shepherds do not need regular bathing 


German shepherd dogs do not develop a doggy odor. Even if they do it only happens on rare occasions and a deodorant. That is specifically designed for them will be enough to get rid of that bad odor. In general, these dogs will need to be bathed about 3 to 4 times a year. Only too much bathing will lead to dry skin. Which will result in some skin and coat problems, of course, you might need to wash them. When they rolled into something stinky and dirty but other than that his breed won’t need regular bathing.


German shepherds are shedders

They do shed a lot of hair so expect those to stick to your clothes and furniture. Aside from lynching and rolling your clothes every day. You will also need to sweep and vacuum your home about twice a week. Definitely, this breed is for people who have a lot of time to tend to their homes.

German shepherds don’t like to be left alone for a long time

Despite being courageous and loyal. This breed will not do well in homes where they’re left alone for long periods of time. They will easily get bored and sad and may develop destructive behaviors. Such as chewing excessive barking and digging. With that said if you need to go to work make sure. That they have someone to keep them company such as a family member or friend.

German shepherds need to be kept busy 

As mentioned earlier German shepherd dogs need a job to do. They are not the best choice for people who simply want a dog. Instead, you need to dedicate time and effort to train them for a specific job. They will also enjoy engaging in different sports. Such as tracking obedience herding and flying discs or you can have them work as personal therapy dogs.

German shepherds are vocal 


Indeed this breed will let you know if someone is walking past your property known to be a barker. German shepherd dogs do not make a great choice for people who live in a home with noise restrictions. So far those who live close to their neighbors are on a brighter note. Their loud bark will be effective in keeping off intruders from coming into your property.

German shepherds are slow to warm up to people

Because they are wary of strangers German shepherds may need a longer amount of time. To warm up with people outside their pack. They are not the friendliest dog breed out there. But in time they will learn that it isn’t so bad to have that specific visitor come to your home. In the end, German shepherds are not for everyone. They will surely be rewarding for the right family not only can they help with household chores. But they will also keep you healthy since they need regular exercise. And they will also provide you and your family with unconditional love loyalty and protection that end.

Hopefully, after reading the article you will understand some of the pros and cons of owning a German shepherd.