Pros and cons of owning a chihuahua 

Pros and cons of owning a chihuahua 

The 37th most popular dog breed in the United States. The chihuahua is a compact dog breed. They are known for their big personalities. In this article, we’ll get to know the Pros and cons of owning a chihuahua.

The chihuahua may be small. But they are fully capable of matching the large dog personality. They are intelligent dogs who can compete in various dog sports. Including agility and obedience. Moreover, these dogs make one of the best watchdogs. We’ll learn more about them later on. Helping you decide whether this breed is suitable for you. 

Pros and cons of owning a chihuahua 


Chihuahuas are loyal dogs 

This breed easily connects with its family. Making them loyal and devoted dogs. Don’t be surprised to have them follow you everywhere you go inside the house. Yes, they include your bathroom. While they do get along with all members of the family. Chihuahuas tend to create closer bonds with one family member. 

Chihuahuas are excellent watchdogs

If you are looking for a compact-sized dog. That is capable of alarming you. If someone is intruding on your home. Then this breed is perfect for you. While their small size makes them incapable of protecting you from danger. They will surely let you know something is going on around your property through their barks. If they see or feel that someone suspicious is entering your home. These dogs will not think twice about barking loudly. 

Chihuahuas are suitable for apartment living 

It is common to see chihuahuas living in cities and urban areas. Usually where people live in apartments. Because of their small size chihuahuas are suitable for living in small spaces. Also known as the pursed dog.  This breed is not only small in size. But they also have low exercise requirements. They will be happy to play with their owners at home. And they will also enjoy walking at the nearest dog park. 

Chihuahuas are loving dogs 

Chihuahuas are cuddly dogs and would be the happiest when. They get to spend time with their family. As a matter of fact, they will crave their owner’s attention. That said, this breed is best suited for people. who spend most of their time at home. When they see their owner heading to work. Chihuahuas may get uneasy and will bark nonstop to get your attention. That said if you need to work or travel for a short time. Make sure that they have someone. Such as another family member to keep them company. While you’re gone. 

Chihuahuas make great companions for elders

As mentioned this breed is easy to care for. They are therefore appropriate for persons of various ages. Including retired elders or senior citizens. Just ensure that their needs are met and that they are groomed regularly. Then you won’t have any issues in having one of these dogs. 

When trained, chihuahuas get along with other dogs

So long as they are trained and socialized early. This breed will not mind living with another dog in the house. In actuality, they were developed as companion animals. So they won’t have a problem getting along with other canines. Providing the pet dog is agreeable.  Chihuahuas would be more than happy to play games with them. However, because they are small and fragile dogs. They are not recommended to play with dogs that are much larger than them. 

Chihuahuas are easy to groom 

There are two coat varieties for this breed. The smooth coat and the long coat. The smooth-coat chihuahua needs to be brushed only once a week to remove loose hair. On the other hand, long-coat chihuahuas need 2 to 3 times brushing per week. Both coat varieties are easy to groom compared to other dog breeds. Bathe them only when necessary. Such as when they get really dirty. Other grooming needs include. once their nails become too long, trim them. As often as you can, brush their teeth. Additionally, look for any redness, irritation, or infection-related symptoms in their eyes and ears.

Chihuahuas don’t require an extensive amount of exercise 

Pros and cons of owning a chihuahua 

As mentioned earlier this breed doesn’t need too much exercise. Due to their tiny size. They can burn off their energies through various toys. Or you can also take them for a trip to the park or in your neighborhood. Remember that they don’t need extensive exercise. But you still need to burn off their energies every day. To stop them from learning harmful practices. 

Chihuahuas are easy to potty train 

If you live in an apartment and you don’t have any access to grass. You may potty train your chihuahua. Fortunately, these dogs are relatively easy to potty train. You may use puppy pads to train your dog. How to properly do their business. 

Chihuahuas make the best travel companions 

If you’re looking for a dog that you can take almost anywhere you go. Then a chihuahua would be the perfect companion for you. One of the many advantages of being small is that they’re portable. And can be brought everywhere using a bag or pet carrier. So far what are your thoughts about chihuahuas? Do you think they fit your lifestyle? Let us know your thoughts later in the comment. Because now we’ll proceed with the cons. That You need to know. Before completely deciding. If this breed really suits your lifestyle. 


Chihuahuas bark a lot

Of course, since they are great watchdogs. Expect chihuahuas to bark a lot. This could be a problem. especially if your neighbors are close by. Or you live in a home with noise restrictions, thankfully for these dogs. They can be trained when and when not to bark. So long as positive reinforcement techniques are used when training them.

There are certain health issues associated with chihuahuas 

Like all dogs, chihuahuas may be prone to certain health conditions. That You need to look out for. If you’re considering this breed. These include heart problems, hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia, lung problems, idiopathic epilepsy, and patellar luxation. To ensure your dog lives a healthy happy long life. Make sure that they get to visit the veterinarian once or twice a week. On average a healthy chihuahua can live for 14 to 16 years. Which is pretty long compared to other dog breeds. 

Chihuahuas tend to be stubborn 

While they are intelligent dogs. Chihuahuas are known to be sassy; their stubbornness can be a challenge when training. Therefore make sure to keep training short but fun. Utilizing techniques for positive reinforcement is also crucial. for example, food prizes, compliments, and lots of playtimes. 

Chihuahuas are not tolerant of extremely cold weather 

Pros and cons of owning a chihuahua 

Chihuahuas are not suitable to live in areas where it snows most of the time. These dogs do not have strong protection against extreme weather conditions. And will easily shiver or shake from the cold. If your neighborhood experiences seasonal temperature changes. Make sure to provide your dog with thick clothes. Including a jacket, jumper, or sweater as well as a warm area to keep them comfortable. Such as a fireplace or room with a warm floor. In the end, chihuahuas make one of the best dogs for the right owner. Their small size makes them versatile dogs. And their big personality also allows them to continuously gain fans all over the world.

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