How to groom a labrador retriever

 How to groom a labrador retriever

Labs are one of the most popular dog breeds globally and for good reason. They have fantastic personalities. They make good family companions. And that short coat of theirs is quick and easy to take care of.  In this article, we will break down everything that you need to know about Grooming. So you know exactly what kind of grooming you can expect with your labrador. The main question is where and how to groom a labrador retriever.

 How to groom a labrador retriever


Labrador retrievers are short double-coated dog breeds. But the thing is that they shed more than any other dogs. Especially during their shedding seasons which are in spring and fall. Brushing them during the shedding season is important. Otherwise, you will see their hair everywhere in your home. On normal days they need to be brushed once a week. But during the Shedding season, they need 2 to 3 times a week. Brushing helps to distribute the oils properly on the skin. Grooming a labrador is easy if your pup is used to being brushed from a young age. Brushing is one of the easy todos steps in labrador retriever grooming. And the answer to your question about how to groom a labrador retriever should start from that.

Which brush is good for your labrador retriever

A soft bristle brush is necessary for them. While brushing it one thing you need to do. Make sure of is to brush them in the direction of the hair. Do not brush them harshly or in the opposite direction of the hair. Which will cause skin damage and loss of the quality of hair. During their shedding season vacuum cleaners would be your best friend. It may also improve the shine. And he will enjoy the ‘massage effect of the firm strokes going through his fur.


Chose to use a Furminator or a shed Conair pro put out a good shedding tool. Once you’ve removed a lot of undercoats. The shedding blade will continue to pull out any topical hair. The shedding blade does not work too well on doing the undercoat. That is why you need to use the rake combined with the brush and the shedding blade.

What a slicker brush is also doing is it’s loosening up any dander that might be sitting on the skin. Be careful with the skin folds around the neck during de-shedding. If you are new to that make sure to do it very slowly. Switch the tools back and forth. Going from the rake to the shedding blade and back to the slicker brush. Repeat the process a couple of times. You should need to do that 2 times a week. It will really help out your dog’s coat and will help air out the skin.

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Giving your lab a proper bath Is good for them and helps to remove dirt, debris, etc. Especially when your lab plays outside or goes for a walk every day, they need bathing 2 times a month. Use a dog-specific shampoo don’t use human shampoos on your dog human shampoos contain acidic components.

Bathing process

Take a dog’s bathtub and give a treat to your dog. Sit him in the bathtub and then put lukewarm water on their body. Except for his head. Because when you put water first on his head he might jump from the bathtub. After pouring water on their body now put shampoo on their body and message on their body very gently. Start from the neck and all the way to the bottom. At last, wash their head with shampoo to make sure to put some cotton balls in their ears. Which will stop draining water. After giving them a bath dry them with a towel. Or if you are in a hurry then you can use a blow dryer. But keep the blow dryer at a distance. If the weather outside is not cold then you can take them out for drying naturally.

Eyes care

Try not to get shampoo in their eyes during baths. During baths take special care of their eyes like us humans their eyes are the sensitive part of their body.

Cleaning the ears of your labrador retriever

 labrador retriever

As you know that labrador retriever loves to play in the water. And after playing in the water moisture and dirt are stuck into their ears. Which as result causes wax and a bad odor in their ears.

how often their ears should be clean

Their ears need to be cleaned between 2 to 3 months.

Ears cleaning process


First, you need to have a dog’s ear cleaning solution recommended by your vet. Don’t use any home solutions in their ears. Don’t use q tips for cleaning your lab’s ears. Because when you use q tips into their ears you push all the dirt and wax inside their ears. Small puppies under the age of 8 months. Don’t use a dog’s ear-cleaning solution. Instead, they use dogs’ ears cleaning pads which contain solution in the cotton pad. The ears cleaning pad contains the right amount of solution for your labrador puppy.

As you know dog’s ear canals are l-shaped. They are not straight so what you can do? Put their head straight and pour the liquid into the ears. And fill the whole ear with an ear-cleaning solution. Now gently rub the bottom of the ear. And then leave them for 2 to 3 minutes and let them shake their head. One important thing to keep in mind is to keep their head straight. At last, give your dog treats and praise so that when you do that next time they will enjoy it.


Cutting nails are the second most important thing you need to be done on time. Otherwise, when their nails grow longer they risk breaking nails. During playing is high and causes serious damage to the dog. Invest in a good-quality dog nail cuter.

When to cut your labrador nails

In order to identify when to cut their nails, you need to listen to the clicking sound on the floor. When they are walking. Generally, they need 2 times a month. Trim their nails when they are comfortable. Unless you trim them very badly which as result causes damage. If they are not comfortable then give them treats and praise. And when they are fully comfortable trim their nails bit by bit until you see the pink part. The pink part of the nail contains blood vessels. Do not cut deeply. Do that very slowly. 

By reading this article I am sure you will know how to groom a labrador retriever.