Chihuahua potty and crate training 

Chihuahua potty and crate training 

potty training 

Potty training is going to be the biggest challenge for you. Since chihuahuas are very stubborn. However, with a regular routine and using some solid techniques. Chihuahuas can be potty trained in 3 to 4 weeks. Chihuahuas are a small breed of dogs and the Chihuahua potty and crate training might be a little difficult.

When to start

Chihuahua’s brain and body develop with rapid growth during the first 3 to 12 months of his age. The best time to start training your chihuahuas. Is when they 9are 8 weeks old. Do not start the training process before 8 weeks of their age. Chihuahuas can be potty trained at any age. However, it will take less time if you start early. When they get older it is harder to train them. It would take 3 to 4 weeks to potty train your chihuahua. 

When it comes to Chihuahua potty and crate training, consistency is key. Chihuahuas are small dogs, which means they have small bladders and need to go outside frequently. By creating a routine and sticking to it, you can help your Chihuahua learn where and when they should go potty. Similarly, crate training can be a great way to help your Chihuahua feel safe and secure when you’re not home. By providing a comfortable and familiar space for your furry friend, you can ease their anxiety and prevent accidents in the house. With patience and dedication, Chihuahua potty and crate training can be a positive experience for both you and your beloved pet.

Designated bathroom area

Chihuahuas don’t have an inborn instinct. They should use a specific place for the bathroom and shouldn’t mess around the whole house. It is your responsibility to train them for it. Designate and prepare a specific bathroom area for your chihuahua. Make sure it is a side area so your chihuahua doesn’t get disturbed by sidewalks. While doing their business. Your chihuahua will be using this place for a whole year. So make sure it is suitable for all weather and in the rain, snow, etc. Chihuahuas have a strong sense of smell and they figure it out easily. Which area they have used before elimination? They think it is okay to use that place again for potty. So provide them a permanent place. 

Have a schedule 

A puppy chihuahua doesn’t have full control of his bladder. It cannot hold it for long. They are supposed to be taken outside. Take them outside for potty in the morning for 15 minutes before bed. 10 minutes before you leave them alone at home. Another scheduled time for potty should be after playing or doing exercise. After taking a long nap you should take your chihuahua puppy roughly 15 minutes after taking a meal. 


The age of your chihuahua may also make a difference in their potty routine. A 2-month-old chihuahua should be given a potty break after every 2 hours. While a 5-month-old chihuahua should go for a potty after every 4 hours. Your chihuahua will also need potty breaks several times during the night. But don’t worry with the passage of time they will get control of their bladder. 

Use specific command 

Specifying a specific command for potty will make life easier for both of you. Lying on the bed watching TV you can give a command and your puppy will do the rest. Always use the same word and make sure every family member uses the same word for potty. Some of the options for potty commands are toilet,  potty or go potty, and business or do business. 

Using potty pads 

There are opposite views regarding whether potty pads should be used or not. We will give you an overview of both types of use. It totally depends upon your place of living, weather conditions, and the health of your chihuahua. Potty pads are a good option if you live in an apartment or change your living space a lot. If you live in a cold climate or where it rains most of the time. Then potty pads could be helpful for your chihuahua. Sometimes your chihuahua might be sick or he may become scared of going outside at night. You can use potty pads in this case.


Using potty pads for your chihuahua could have some downsides. Your chihuahua will take it as permission to eliminate anywhere in the house. So don’t use potty pads. If you have a big house. Chihuahuas will eliminate anywhere else and may not use potty pads. If pads are dirty you will have to clean or change your potty pads regularly. Chihuahuas will not give up on potty pads easily. So later if you try potty training them in your yard. He will try to use potty pads. 

Deal with accidents 

Deal with accidents patiently and never be aggressive with your chihuahua. If your chihuahua eliminates in the house slowly say “no” and point towards his designated potty spot. If you shout at your chihuahua you would scare him and he may not go potty in front of you. Accidents are totally okay in the beginning and they are inevitable. So be mentally prepared for them. 

Signs for potty 

You can predict by time or by certain physical actions. When your chihuahua is about to go for a potty. Some of the signs which can help you know about your chihuahua’s potty timing are sniffing the floor, carpet, or ground. Circling, doing squats like motion raising a leg.

Using positive reinforcement 

Chihuahua potty and crate training 

Using positive methods to reinforce your commands is the key to potty training your dog. Giving treats and praising them are often proven very effective for training. Praise your chihuahua whenever he goes to a designated space for elimination. When he is done give him a treat. Using positive methods for training will help you to make an association and strong bond with your chihuahua. 

Crate training 

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breeds. When we enjoy learning with our fast learners. Chihuahuas can be stubborn but with patience and guidance. They can easily be trained. Most chihuahuas end up loving their crate. However, keep in mind a crate is a temporary place for training your chihuahua and it is not going to be used for a lifetime. 

Benefits of crate training 

Crate training your chihuahua could potentially be helpful in a number of ways. A crate helps you in-house train your chihuahua. It works as a prerequisite to potty training. Since chihuahuas will not spoil this living area. A crate-trained chihuahua can easily be transported using his crate. The crate works as a bedroom for your chihuahua or he can sleep and lay down comfortably. A crate is a safe place for your chihuahua. Whenever he feels insecure while you are away. 

When to start

3 to 12 months of age is the time. When your chihuahua is introduced to the outside world, learn new skills and make a foundation. For his future version. Start crate training when they become 8 weeks old, don’t put them in a crate. Before 8 weeks of age, chihuahuas are introduced to crates at a young age. Take less time for crate training. They consider crate as part of their routine and easily get used to it. 

Introducing to crate 

A young chihuahua might be reluctant to go inside the crate. Since this is the first time he has seen a crate encourage him to go inside the crate by using a food tree. Hold a treat and make your chihuahua follow it to the crate. He may try to come outside. But praise him and gently put him inside again. Put some more food treats and his favorite toys inside the crate. He chose to remain behind for this reason. Close the door slowly and then. Walk away without his reaction. Your chihuahua may even cry for the first few days. Whenever you leave it, he will slowly understand the importance of the crate. Always use a command such as a crate or a kennel. This command will help you later. When just by giving commands chihuahua will get inside the crate. 

Inside the area of the crate 

In order to lure your chihuahua puppy inside the crate. You are required to create an inviting and comfortable space. Spread a soft blanket,  cushion, or towel inside the crate. Make sure the blanket or whatever you put inside is warm and comfortable for your chihuahua. There are some kennels that recommend using a vet bed. Which is nonallergenic strong and durable. 

Time in crate 

You don’t need to put your chihuahua in a crate for a longer time duration. At the start of crate training leave him in the crate for a short time. And when you notice he is uncomfortable with the crate. You may depart from him for a little while. According to the ASPCA website, a puppy of 8 weeks old shouldn’t be in a crate for more than 60 minutes. While an adult dog could be in a crate for up to 8 hours. But you must get breaks in between. 

Crate placing area 

Place the crate in an area where human presence is maximum. This will help to curb loneliness and your chihuahua would not feel isolated. The place could be a family room, lounge, dining room, or some area close to the kitchen. However, at night or at sleeping time chihuahuas shift the crate to a bedroom or less noisy area.

Choosing a crate

There are different types of crate designs available in the market. Like plastic crates, wire metal crates,s, and fabric crates. Crates made from fabric material are messy hard to clean and sometimes. Your chihuahua may try to chew it. We would recommend using a plastic or wire crate. Because they are easy to clean and best for transporting chihuahuas and they are unable to be chewed.

Crate size 

You need to select a crate of the right size for your chihuahua. A crate that is too big or too small is not going to work. If you select a crate that’s too big then your chihuahua may eliminate at the far end of the crate. Instead of going to designate a place. A crate that is too small in size may give your chihuahua a tough time adjusting to creating life.

A place where he cannot comfortably stand, turn or lay down will be a nightmare for your chihuahua. The right crate size will help your chihuahua adjust to create life. Following are subs and gestures if you have a puppy chihuahua. If it weighs less than 24 pounds then you use an 18 by 18 inches crate. Or if your chihuahua is an adult and weighs around 30 pounds then you can use an 18-by-24-inch crate. If your chihuahua is already potty trained and you buy a large crate to make. Some space for water bowls etc.

Reward-based training 

Chihuahua potty and crate training 

Reward-based training is a tool that will help you in crate training. Using this tool your chihuahua will associate the crate with an amazing place to live in. Use treats and toys to lure him into the crate. Chihuahua will follow your commands and will repeat behaviors to get a treat. Switch between different treats so he doesn’t get bored. Leave some treats and his favorite toys inside the crate. Praise him whenever he gets inside the crate. Never used to crave this punishment to show affection to your chihuahua. Even if they don’t get into the crate.

After reading the article I hope you will understand Chihuahua potty and crate training. Chihuahua potty and crate training take a fair amount of time and effort. So if you are planning for buying a chihuahua make sure that you will give it time and effort.