Can husky puppies be left alone?

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When it comes to leaving your Siberian husky or any dog home it’s a really good question. Because a lot of us have jobs and hey we got to go out. And make money we can’t just be sitting at home playing with the fluffiness all day. Even though I wish we could but dude I got errands to run. I got stuff I got to do I’m sorry I know we all feel this way. One of the worst things is leaving your puppy at home. In the article, we discuss Can husky puppies be left alone.

Can husky puppies be left alone?

When you gotta go to work now the general rule of thumb is:

No More Than 6 Hours Inside A create Without A substantial Break 

Don’t ever leave your husky in its crate for more than six hours. Now if you got a husky puppy you can’t leave it in its crate. For more than two hours at a time. I don’t let my husky stay in its crate for more than four hours at a time. But we know plenty of people who have Siberian huskies that keep him at home. For up to eight hours sometimes. If you’re one of those people who want a Siberian husky ear think about getting one. But you just are way too busy a lot of the time well we have the answer for you today. Let’s go ahead and show you guys exactly how you can keep your pups at home safe. And at peace of mind and still engage with them. And see them even when you are working and you’re not at home.


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How to teach your husky puppy to be alone at home?

 When you leave your dog alone this is called isolation or separation anxiety. And I’m gonna teach you guys how to fix this little problem now. Before I go into this I want to let you guys know. This is not a simple solution. This is not something that will fix your pup’s isolation or separation anxiety in a matter of days. It’s something you have to work on pups take a lot of care and a lot of time. And routine is going to be their best friend. Now with that said what is separation anxiety what is isolation anxiety well that’s.

When your pup gets really anxious really scared really stressed out. That you are leaving them all alone. Whenever you leave your house does your pup start whining and crying? And freaking out maybe you put them in their cage. And they start screaming like a banshees today we’re going into that we will make it all go away 


so if you have  2 dogs I would  Encourage you to do one Dog at a time. Because this is going to stress  Both of them out. And you don’t want one dog to encourage you. The other dog is more stressed out and vice-versa. So go ahead and try and work with one pup at a time. So with that said You  Got your pup in front and you are getting Ready To teach them. How to Stop being crazy. I know it’s stressing you out. Because all you want to do is leave your dogs at home and go.

Do your thing But they will break everything. In your house, because. They are so flipping stressed out. All right so you got your dog right go ahead and find yourself a really nice-looking door. So we’re gonna go ahead and use it now. That you got your treat you got your dog you got your door. You’re ready to teach your dog. How do not be so crazy when you leave them alone all right? So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your pup. And you’re gonna order them to go on the other side of the door. So let’s go ahead and do that first.

He let come on go ahead sit and stay so now wile (Gilla) is sitting here in the room. And she’s staying we’re gonna take this door and we’re gonna close it. While we say stay we’re not gonna close it all the way. We’re just gonna do that and we’re gonna open it back up. Now she stayed which is very good. So we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna reward that behavior good girl. Now we’re gonna increase the time. We’re actually gonna close the door completely and see if we can get (Gilla) to stay in the same location. So let’s go ahead and tell her to stay while we close this door and open the door. She is in the same spot so we are going to reward her again. And slowly increase the time and give them a reward.

I’m hoping that you will understand for how much time Can husky puppies be left alone? And how to teach them how Can husky puppies be left alone?