Are Rottweilers high maintenance?


Rottweilers are a popular dog breed but are pretty misunderstood. Many people believe that these dogs have a mean streak or are pretty aggressive. They are brave, intelligent, loving, and loyal to families and children. But the main question is are rottweilers high maintenance?

here is the clear answer about whether are rottweilers high maintenance.

Rottweilers are low-maintenance guard dogs with huge bodies. Rottweilers are known for their low maintenance. Here you will find some tips about maintaining your rottweiler. 

Tips about maintaining your rottweiler


1. Regular grooming of your rottweiler

Lucky rottweilers have short hair that executes grooming. Brush a puppy once a week using a soft bristle brush. This will retain his coat healthy and smooth. It would help to examine his paws to assure his nails are short. And the pads aren’t damaged check between each toe for raw or red spots. And look over his skin for lumps and bumps. If you discover anything out of the ordinary talk to your vet.

2. Feed your puppy a nutritious diet 

Ask your vet to support high-quality food for your Rottweiler. When determining a mass-produced dog food look for one. That lists meat as one of the first ingredients listed. Meat by-products are acceptable to feed but they should be lowered down the list. Choose a food specifically formulated for large-breed puppies. These have the precise ratio of nutrients to produce the solid skeletal system these dogs require.

3. House-train your puppy right away


You may require starting with crate training to prevent accidents in residence. Buy a crate that’s sized for a large dog breed. And place your puppy’s blanket or bed inside the crate along with several treats. Leave the door open throughout the day. So your puppy can investigate it and start feeding your puppy. As the food inside the crate and close the door when he’s eating.

4. Start socializing your puppy at an early age

Puppies benefit from early interactions with new living conditions different dogs and humans from birth. Until about three and a half weeks. Your puppy must be nearby different puppies and his mother to determine regular dog socialization. It’s an excellent time to present your puppy with several new situations. As the car rides outdoors other pets and animals and humans of various ages and sizes.

5. Make sure your rottweiler puppy is comfortable 

Watch your puppy and make sure that he is comfortable with socializing. If a situation produces a fearful reaction gradually. Introduce him to this experience to furnish him with time to adapt to it. Use your judgments. And never force your puppy to continue in saturation. Or near someone that frightens him instead immediately remove and distract him with a toy or treat.

6. Supervise interaction with other dogs 

Since you never understand how your puppy will respond to different puppies or dogs. Constantly monitor him in social conditions. If it resembles your puppy is no longer playing. But is frustrated, steps in, and stops the behavior. Before he commences fighting to make sure both puppies are calm. Then you can reward them and let them keep playing.

7. Get your puppy lots of exercises 

Take your rottweiler for at least two 30-minute walks every day. These large breed dogs required a lot of exercises to discharge energy. And stay healthy if your puppy is under six months old. Obtained four or five play or exercise sessions each day. As you probably become older you can start traveling on long walks or hikes.

Food diet for rottweilers to maintain good health

The most important thing is how many times you can give food to your rottweiler puppy. Weighing an average of around 3.5 to 4 kgs at the age of  39 days on a daily basis. The answer is four times a day. You give more than that for gaining weight. But for us as rottweiler owners, we didn’t need a huge bulky rottweiler. Besides this, we need a healthy activity level and proper growth of our rottweiler.


In the morning we give our dog 3 spoonfuls of dog food along with curd. Giving them their first meal around 7:00 AM. The next meal would be around 12 O’clock in the evening. And the next is around 4:00 PM and the final meal is around 9:00 PM.


Make sure that The dog food you give to them is soaked out. You can choose a starter food for your rottweiler puppy. And some of the best we consider are canine creeks, royal canin, and pedigree. Make sure to give them normal fresh water. As a rottweiler puppy owner, you need to know. Which health product is required for your puppy all depends on the puppy. I used a large sleeker hair brush for my puppy in order to maintain its coat.

At an early age, you need to give them a water bath which makes it a habit. And when they grow up they’re already used to taking a bath. Sometimes people give them a dry bath. But you just need to give them a dry bath when there is winter. The benefits of the wet bath are. That water goes deeper into their coat and the dirt and germs disappear. You can use any dog shampoo which is mild and uses lukewarm water.

Other than that you can give your dog some fruit. Like apples, bananas, and watermelon. But keep in mind to give them fruit between 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the morning.


So rottweiler owners are depressed that their dog eats 4 times a day and potty every single time. After they eat their meal but don’t worry this is the normal thing sometimes they potty 3 times a day. Sometimes twice a day but to make sure that the potty is dry. Not loose if it’s loose then you definitely consult the vet. For better growth of your rottweiler, you need calcium syrup 1ml three times a day also they need multivitamins.


Especially for rottweilers, you need to have some chewing toys and chewing bones.

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