Are huskies aggressive?

aggressive husky

So in today’s article, we are gonna be talking about statistics. Because statistics plays a huge role in what’s going on. Here in these studies that are done on dog breeds and. Today I’m gonna clue you guys in on everything that you kind of need to know. When it comes to these weird studies in these weird statistics. About which dogs are the most dangerous dogs or which dogs are the most likely to kill you? In the article, we discuss whether Are huskies aggressive.

Are huskies aggressive

huskies have aggression but a little bit, not that much to harm any person. And you can take their aggression by simply giving them daily exercise and socializing with them. The best way to socialize them is to take them out to the park. Where they run and connect with different people and pets etc. Here are the 3 reasons people think huskies are aggressive dogs.

3 reasons peoples think huskies are aggressive dogs 

  1. Standing Tail

Siberian Huskies have very fluffy tails typically whenever a husky is running around. Their tail is sticking straight up erect in the sky. In the west, most see that as a sign of aggression typically dogs have their tail fall down. Between the back of their legs and in most cases, dogs in the united states. Or in the western hemisphere doesn’t have a tail. They are erect like that which is a very common spitz breed trait. But to other dogs that kind of tail positioning could mean aggregation or that the dog is nervous or scared.


You gotta understand that Siberian huskies can come off as a little intimidating to other dogs. Especially dogs that are smaller in stature to them. Now if you get a Great Dane your Great Dane might not have a problem. Because they make towers six feet over a husky. But when it comes to chihuahuas or even labs. They can get really scared by the simple body behavior and look of the Siberian husky. 

  1. Play Rough 
husky play

Huskies like to play rough they really like to play like they’re playing football or something. Now when I first got huskies. I was like holy cow this is crazy how they’re acting with each other should. I stop this kind of behavior my dogs would just tackle each other. And go crazy their teeth were consistently showing. They were growling it was like they were acting aggressively toward each other. But the longer that I’ve had both huskies the longer. I’ve come to find that their playtime is just very rough. And there’s very little aggression involved. The longer you spend time with your pets the longer you get to know them. The better you get to know their body language. And what they are trying to tell you you can pretty much tell.


when your pet is made after you’ve known them for a few years. You know what sets them off and what makes them upset. So because I know these things whenever. I watch my dogs play these days it’s clear that they’re just playing. And they’re not fighting but when I have outsiders come in like people who aren’t used to it. Especially people who aren’t used to Siberian huskies. They’re like dude it looks like your dogs are about to kill each other. And sometimes it does get a little out of hand. And you have to raise your voice and say to your dogs to calm down.

  1. Too much energy

Siberian Huskies have too much energy. This is why huskies can become extremely intimidating to other pups. It’s just too much energy too quickly a good way to avoid situations like this is just an exercise. You’re husky before you have them play with other dogs. As long as you Tucker your husky out before they go. And hang out with other dogs they’re gonna be way too tired. To force that crazy energy on other dogs. They’ll be a little bit more mellowed out and other dogs will feel a little bit better. Hanging out with your pup.

I get a lot of people saying hey my dog automatically freaks out. Whenever they see another dog. They flip their lid. What can I do I’m like just go take you’re husky outside and run them in a circle 15 times. And bring them right back to that pup. Your huskies still gonna be excited but they’re definitely gonna be a little bit calmer when they’re introducing themselves. 

Kicking husky aggression

Now huskies are typically not aggressive dogs. Which is why they’re not good guard dogs it’s not a good idea. To get them to guard your house or your property. Cuz chancing of them attacking someone is very little. However, whenever huskies are comfortable whatever. They’re doing their thing and they’re in their zone. If you interrupt them from being comfortable. Or you invade their private space.

private space husky

They do tend to get a little bit of attitude and what. What I mean by that is that they will nip achieve if you invade their private space. Or they may bite you and that is what we call aggression in dogs. Now does it mean the dog is aggressive? Absolutely not if someone’s poking you in your eye you’re probably gonna punch him back in the face?


Giving your husky an hour of exercise on a daily basis is going to help you. To get them rid of their aggression. But you need to be consistent with your exercise. If you are lazy today and you say that. I will take it out for running outside tomorrow. You make a mistake and in the end. The energy in your dog is stored which suppose to go out through exercise is been converted into aggressive behavior.


Take your dog outside every day either for a walk or training. It helps your dog to connect with other people and pets. And the best place where I take my huskies out every day is a park. Where they run and enjoy and also connect with different people and pets. If you are a job guy and you have a husky. And you don’t want to lose your job for a husky. Then you can take them out at night to a park. Whatever is happening you need to take them out. Because it is the most important tip in order to take the aggression of your husky out.