What is an agouti Husky?

Agouti Siberian husky
Agouti Siberian husky

Agouti is a color and an agouti Siberian husky refers to a husky. Which has wild type color also known as wolf sable. Each hair has alternative bands of black and tan coloring and that’s what gives the dog characteristic of dark color. I and my partner have fallen in love with (storm’s) dark color and piercing blue eyes. The movement we first saw her. But that’s not the only reason why we have decided to own her you see. We came to discover that agouti Siberian huskies are known as herding dogs. They are primarily bred as working, racing, and sledding lines.

As a runner, this only means one thing to me agouti huskies are perfect running buddies. Although all huskies are highly energetic some would say that. There’s a chance that agouti huskies may be slightly stronger and better workers than their show-dog counterparts. This is due to the simple fact that the agouti husky has not been bred for show. And still relates directly to its working roots.

If you have watched the movie (TOGO) then you know what I mean. At seven months we were already running together with (Strom) and our other husky puppy named (azalea). She is two months older than (Strom) but we are starting to notice that between the two of them. (Strom) has longer stamina and endurance.


she ran with our group the IGAThlethes for five kilometers without ever stopping. And when we were already through she kept pulling the leash which meant. That she was not yet tired and still wants to run imagine. That enormous energy that overflowed chakra but of course with great energy. Comes with great destruction I mean great responsibility. That’s why you should never get a dog based on looks alone. And this is also applied to getting a husky solely because they’re fluffy or cute. Huskies of all colors including an agouti are high-energy working dogs. They are hardwired to run for long distances. They are not a good fit for most families. Who is looking to simply get a pet and companion animal? Unless you have a lot of space to let your husky run every day then do not decide on one.

Is an agouti Husky a Siberian Husky?

The word (agouti) means a wild type of gray color. And it is the type of husky that is very rare. Other than that all types of huskies are derived from Russia and North Asia. And Siberia is a province of Russia. Hence agouti huskies are Siberian huskies.

What does an agouti Siberian Husky look like?

Agouti Siberian husky
Agouti Siberian husky

Agouti huskies have a wonderful grey type color and blue color of eyes. They are very beautiful. I know if you saw them you would fall in love with them. If you are new and you see one of them you say that. This is a wolf, not a dog they are like 90% the same as a wolf.

Does the agouti husky make good pets?

Yes, like other huskies, agouti huskies are good pets once you train them properly. They are intelligent as well and they are easy to train as well.

5 reasons to choose A Siberian Husky as your pet 

  1. They are crazy smart

Siberian Huskies are insanely smart they always know what’s up and what’s going on. They’re meant to lead they’re meant to tell people what to do back in the day. When these guys were just pulling sleds they were making all the rules and deciding where to go. It was up to the dogs to figure out the right path though these guys are insanely smart. They have a big old dog oh brain up in their head. And if you’re looking for a smart dog this is the dog you should go for.

  1. Huskies love to run

They love to run now if you’re a runner or you like getting up early in the morning. And maybe going for a jog is the best kind of partner for you. Because these guys will just run and run and run and there’s non-stop running. One of the most incredible things about owning these dogs is. Is that they will always keep up with you and more than likely they will outrun yo booty? if you guys just like playing games and watching movies all day. These might not be the dogs for you, you might want to get something a little bit more chill. Because these guys always need to exercise.

  1. Huskies regulate food intake

Husky doesn’t eat to get fat now there ain’t nothing wrong with eating. But huskies are very very particular about how they eat they have weird little diets. They just like to eat certain things some things they like some things they don’t and honestly. If they are full you could put a bowl of like fresh pasta meat whatever in front of them. And they’ll just be like exactly like that no thanks bro some dogs. Just will eat anything you put in front of their faces. But huskies nope they like to conserve they like to make sure that they’re eating. Just as much as they need to and that’s because huskies regulate their metabolism. They are absolutely the ultimate athletic machine reason.

  1. Huskies are friendly dogs 

They are insanely friendly dogs as I say this they’re like let’s get into a fight daddy. Oh if you have kids if you have children around these are awesome dogs. Honestly have never gotten into fights with other dogs anytime I meet people on the street. Or when we go to the park they always love to meet people. They’re always excited to get kisses I’ve never seen a husky honestly in my life that I saw like. Oh, I shouldn’t go near that dog they may be aggressive huskies. They are rough players they like to play rough and have fun. But they are some of the nicest dogs that you can find.

  1. Huskies love to cuddle 

They love to friggin cuddle at the end of the night don’t let them fool you. They may be crazy they may be running around right now and acting like a bunch of bimbos. But these guys love to get in bed and just cuddle up with all the fluff. These dogs just love to jump up in your bed. And if you’re that kind of person who likes to sleep with your dog. Who likes to get that one-on-one cuddle sesh? Well, huskies are so friggin soft and they just love to get in there. And doing all the curling in the world isn’t now right.

Agouti husky for sale

Agouti Siberian husky
Siberian Husky in winter snow

As an Agouti husky owner here is the thing you need to think about before buying an agouti husky:

  1. Make sure that the puppy you buy from any breeder is not suffering from any health issues.
  2. Go for an agouti husky puppy which is a bit trained for potty etc.
  3. Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy.

Here are some of the websites where you can find agouti husky puppies online:

  1. https://bamahuskies.com
  2. https://magnificenthuskypuppies.com/
  3. https://www.keystonepuppies.com/

Agouti husky puppy 

If an agouti husky puppy is your first dog ever. Then you may take some time to understand your dog’s behavior. Here you will find all of your questions about buying an agouti husky.

Agouti husky price

Agouti husky’s price varies from place to place. But you can find a good and healthy agouti puppy from around $1200 to $2800. I don’t think that you find a good puppy cheaper than $1200 in today’s modern world. All the things you need to know before buying a husky puppy.

Agouti husky size

Agouti huskies have the same size just as other huskies in color. The male agouti husky is 22-24 inches in height and 47- 62 pounds in weight. And the female agouti husky is 18-21 inches in height and 30-47 pounds in weight.