6 Things to know before buying a husky puppy

1. Toy ( Hard, soft, both)

Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy

 The 1st thing you need Its toys. And Not just any toys You are gonna need A multitude Of different types of toys. To be exact you’re gonna need three different types of toys. You’re gonna need Hard toys you’re gonna need soft toys and you gonna need toys that are somewhere in between. Hard toys are typically used for chewing and this is also used for biting. Mitigation using hard toys is a good way to get your husky to stop biting you. It also helps to keep their teeth clean after they’re done eating dinner and just helps to sharpen their teeth. And keep them healthy soft toys let a Siberian Husky have fun. In the article, we discuss the Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy.

These are also toys that help your husky understand its bite threshold. And they’re really important for husky puppies to have. And you’re going to want to get toys that fall in between. That is basically not a hard toy but not a soft toy. Either toy that is good for tug of war like rope, ropes are very durable. And your husky likely won’t be able to tear them apart.

But they’re also soft so they’re not something. That’s going to make you not want to play or engage with your dog. You don’t really want to engage and play tug of war. Or fetch with a hard toy like a bone or a nylabone. So consider all these different types of toys you’re going to want to get. Each of them they’re going to help your husky grow up. And be very smart about their bite threshold and well-behaved. When it comes to biting other people.

2. Baby Gates (for humans)


Number two Is gonna be Baby Gates. Now baby Gates is extremely important because you want to limit. How many rooms your Siberian Husky puppy can go into? When you get them most people bring their Siberian husky puppy home. And they go you may have access to entire home be free and wild. And do whatever you wish. But the more space your Siberian Husky puppy has to be away from you. The more likely it is that they’re gonna go and make an accident without your eyes on them. So keep them in your area around you to mitigate those accidents. Where they make potty on your floor go ahead and get baby gates and set them up around your house. So that they don’t go into the rooms or the areas that you can’t block off with a door.

Now I know what you’re thinking you probably like I need to get a thousand of these you really don’t. You only need a couple and you’ll find that a couple will completely block off an entire area. Now let me give you a quick tip about baby Gates getting the baby. Gates that are for humans, not the baby Gates that are for dogs. And here’s why Siberian Huskies are amazing jumpers.

Baby Gates that are for dogs are set much lower. If you get a baby gate for a human they typically make those baby Gates for humans much higher. And it’s unlikely your Siberian Husky will be able to jump over a baby Gate of this size. So try those out they’re the best way to keep your Siberian Husky puppy out of the rooms. In the areas that you don’t want them to have access to early on in their life. And remember as they grow up. Let them have access to more rooms and more areas. And this will make growing up easier for you and your Siberian Husky.

3. Quality Leash & Harness 

You’re gonna need a good leash and a good harness. Now of course you’re gonna get a collar for your husky. But remember huskies like to pull and they like to run so. When you take them out on a walk it’s gonna be a lot of fun. But you need to make sure that you have the proper attire. So go ahead and get yourself an amazing harness. And a really durable leash here come here. I’m going to show you exactly what you need so check it out.


This is a harness right here it almost looks like a giant like a parachute or something. But this harness goes around your Siberian Husky around their shoulders. This way your Siberian Husky. When they’re pulling they pull from their shoulders and not from their neck. A collar will only make your husky pull from its neck. And it gives them the possibility of damaging their esophagus definitely. Go with a harness you won’t regret it. They’re the best way to walk and keep your Siberian Husky on a leash. Now when it comes to leashes you want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best. Sir Willie Smith style so be sure to get yourself a durable lead and the. The best type of leash is the one that is you know basically rope.

Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy

These rope leads are super thick and very durable. And not only that if you look at the tips

Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy

of them. They have these rubber things where it covers up. Where the leash ties together it just gives it extra durability. These are perfect leashes for huskies because they’re ultra-strong and ultra-durable. Remember when you have your Siberian Husky puppy? They’re not gonna be the strongest dog in the world. But when they grow up they’re gonna get a lot stronger. And you need to be prepared to get durable things. And don’t cheap out if you get something that’s less durable. You run the risk of your Siberian Husky breaking free and then you’re stuck. In a situation where you gotta catch ’em. You don’t wanna have to catch a husky she’s like. The dog you would never in your life catch me, bro.

4. Proper size crate/kennel

Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy

The next thing you really want to invest in for your Siberian husky puppy is a crate. I’ve said this many times on my website. But the best way to mitigate anxiety and keep your husky safe. Whenever you’re not at home. Is to get yourself a crate now listen to my words right here. When I tell you to crate training is one of the most hellish training processes. To go through with a dog but once you go through it. And once you get it down pat it is the saving grace of dog ownership. I recommend starting the crate training the day or the day after you bring your husky puppy home. You gotta make sure you stick to a schedule. But we’ll get to that in just a minute because we know it’s probably something that’s on our list.

5. Buy some Rope and A Bell

be sure when you get a Siberian husky puppy. That you get a bell and some rope and you’re probably like. What do I need a bell and some rope for pretending? That there is a door that you use to take your Siberian husky out. To use the potty every day. If you were to hang a rope and a small bell all the way to the floor from the doorknob.

And ring that bell every single time you take your Siberian husky out to go to the potty. Every single time you take them out that door you ring that bell. Guesses what’s gonna start happening. Your Siberian husky’s gonna start ringing that bell whenever they gotta use the number, Uno. And the numero dos bell training is one of the best ways to teach your Siberian husky. How to use the restroom. If you’re desperate and you’re tired of cleaning up poop and pee.

Go ahead and put some bells on your doorknob. And ring those suckers every time you take them out. I promise you within a couple of weeks. Your husky gonna be ringing those bells anytime they ever need to use the potty. Don’t believe me try it out come back comment and say men you told me so.

6. High-Quality treats for training 

The number six is gonna be quality treats for training you to train your Siberian husky puppy. So you got to make sure that you’re getting that quality treat stuff. Yeah if you’re not getting those quality treats for your Siberian husky. Well, you’re not going to get the tricks and the training progress that you want. Siberian huskies really need high-value treats you gotta get their attention with good stuff. Our preferred treatment the one that we use the most is Merrick.


And Merrick is just an awesome brand. Because they have treats that not only Siberian huskies really love. But they’re really healthy for my husky. If you’re using biscuits to do training or you’re trying to use cookies with a Siberian husky. It just ain’t gonna fly you gotta get something good. If what you’re using is not working we recommend turkey from the deli that always doses.

After reading the article I’m sure you will know the things which Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy. Before buying a husky puppy you should read the whole article and know about the Things you need to know before buying a husky puppy and buying all the necessary products.