11 things you need to know about chihuahuas 

11 things you need to know about chihuahuas 

Chihuahuas are an instantly recognizable breed. Whose small frame is outweighed by their personality and playful nature? Here is some interesting information about this quirky little breed. In the article, you will find 11 things you need to know about chihuahuas.

11 things you need to know about chihuahuas 

All chihuahuas are born with a soft spot 

There are several reasons for families. Or new parents are consistently warned to handle the head of a baby with care. Such a reason is something that’s called a molera. A molera is the famous soft spot on a baby’s head. That eventually solidifies through time. Dogs are born with a molera. And as we are, most breeds of pups will be rid of this. As they age but not chihuahuas. Chihuahua molera never goes away and is something the owner should be of. There was a time when buyers would inspect a chihuahua for their molera. As it told them it was purebred. We did a lot of research and then share the 11 things you need to know about chihuahuas with our audience.

Water separating two

A lot of people know that the chihuahua is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. But not a lot of people know what the word actually means. The word chihuahua means ” water separating two” or a place where the rivers meet in the Tarahumara language.

Chihuahuas are light shedders 

Chihuahuas officially come in two different coat types. Smooth and long coats shed year-round. But more so during its shedding season. The long-coated variety tends to shed a little bit more. But that’s due to having a double coat. Overall they are considered to be light shedders. And do not throw their coats as other breeds do. 

They are burrowers 

Chihuahuas are adamant burrowers. This behavior has been in the breed’s makeup. Since the earliest days of the breed’s existence. Though it is widely believed that they burrow. Because they’re cold and looking to warm themselves up. There are other reasons why they do it. Among these is that it’s an instinctual behavior from long ago. When shelter and safety were top priorities for wild chihuahuas’ ancestors. They would burrow into the dirt to make themselves a shelter. That would keep them warm and safe from predators. And protected from the elements. 

Chihuahuas have brains (big ones)

11 things you need to know about chihuahuas 

Pound for pound the chihuahua has the largest brain in the canine family. In relation to the size of its body and weight. This big brain could explain some behavioral issues. That tends to grow up with the breed. They’re known to have an outstanding memory if they like you. They’ll always like you if you’ve ever given them a reason not to like you. They’ll never forget it. Chihuahuas often hold grudges towards children due to their long memory of recalling times or fears of mishandling.

They come in different colors 

Chihuahuas have a robust variety. When it comes to colors and patterns between the differences in solid colors patterns. And any combinations between them. There are about 39 variations that you can choose from of all these color combinations. The most common that you’ll find are brown, cream, thorn, red, and black. The rarest colors you’ll find on a chihuahua are brindle solid white merle and solid black.

Chihuahuas suffer from reverse sneezing 

A reverse sneeze is exactly what it sounds like: a sharp passage of air flowing through the nostrils. In an attempt to remove an irritant in essence sneezing from the outside in. Rather than the inside out. Chihuahuas aren’t the only breed that does this. In fact, most breeds are capable of it. But chihuahuas do it far more often than other breeds. Due to their brachiocephalic face. So if you see chihuahuas sucking in air through its nose as hard as they can. You’re witnessing a sneeze in reverse and is a normal trait for the breed. 

They are efficient retrievers 

Don’t let their little frame and fragile-looking legs fool you. Any chihuahua that feels like it can retrieve with as much vigor as the best of them. They only suffer from being too small to bring back things that other breeds would. But toys, balls, or anything else. That it can manage to carry around is bound to come back to you. If you decided to throw it in the dog’s presence. 

Apple head or deer head

Chihuahuas are divided into two subcategories after coat length. Apple head chihuahuas and deer head chihuahuas.  Apple head chihuahuas have a domed head and a short snout including their jaw. Simply speaking, the shape of the head resembles an apple. If you don’t count its ears. Accordingly, the deer-head chihuahua has a more narrow head. The more pointed snout gives it a deer-like appearance and is overall larger than the apple head. 

Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest breed 

The Guinness book of world records paid a visit to Puerto Rico to examine it. What they would wind up deeming the smallest full-grown dog in the world. The dog’s name was “Milly” and she weighs one full pound and stands under 4 inches tall. Dogs don’t get any smaller than the chihuahua. But unfortunately irresponsible breeding has resulted. In attempts to shrink the breed down to unhealthy levels. The smaller the chihuahua is in adulthood. Especially teacup chihuahuas the more chances that they might suffer from a host of difficulties.

Kids best friends 

11 things you need to know about chihuahuas 

Chihuahuas are tiny, alert, and courageous. They love their owners. But they can be suspicious of strangers. They usually have a soft spot for children. But they are not good playmates. Because of their size. Chihuahuas get along well with kids and cats. If they’re raised with them from puppyhood. But have an instinctual prey drive towards small animals. Whether you’re looking for a family dog or a companion for a single person. The chihuahua is a wonderful choice. It gets along well with families and their children as well as other pets, especially dogs. 

Now you’ve seen this list, is there anything here that surprised you? About the chihuahua breed and have you ever owned one of these dogs? Comment below with your opinion and let me know.

After reading the article I hope you will know about the 11 things you need to know about chihuahuas.