10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs

10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs

Have you recently owned or are you still undecided? Whether you’re going to own a rottweiler or not? We’ll help you decide because, for today’s article, we will talk about. 10 important facts about rottweiler dogs every new owner or lover should know. 

Rottweilers are known for being excellent guard dogs. Due to their fierce look and muscular body. However, there is so much more to know about these dogs. Currently, the rottweiler earns the eighth spot. Of the most popular dogs according to the American kennel club AKC. We pick the 10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs to help you out while choosing Which Rottweilers fit your home.

10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs

1. Rottweilers are marvelous guard dogs

They are marvelous guard dogs stocky and sturdy. Rottweilers are known for being vigilant dogs. They tend to be wary of strangers aside from being alert. They’re also affectionate and loving with their families for this reason. They make a great choice for people that look for an effective guard dog as well as loving family pets. However, since they were originally bred to work and protect rottweilers gained a reputation for being territorial and aggressive dogs

although they are inherently hostel. These dogs can be trained to remain calm and behave well toward strangers and other animals. For this reason, proper training and early socialization are vital for rottweilers. Without it, they can develop destructive behaviors such as excess barking, digging, scratching, and chewing. Since they are also naturally protective dogs you need to watch them closely around other humans and animals. Because they may perceive groups of people as a threat to their families.

2. Rottweilers are average shedders

Rottweilers have a short double coat that is straight and rough to the touch. Their outer coat is medium in length and their hair is shorter on their head, ears, and legs. Meanwhile, they have a soft undercoat that is mostly found on their neck and thighs. The thickness of their undercoat depends on the environment and climate. Where they live considered moderate shredders rottweilers, will blow their coat twice a year. Specifically in spring and fall during these times they will shed more heavily. This breed is always with markings that come in various shades from deep mahogany to rust. Their markings are usually found over their ears and their cheeks. On both sides of their muzzle on their chest legs and below their tails. If you have noticed they also have tan lines on their toes.

3. Rottweilers are easy to groom 

Being moderate shutters rottweilers will not need extensive grooming like other dogs. Instead, these dogs will only need weekly brushing using a houndmate or a soft bristle brush. To evenly distribute skin oils. Thus keeping their coat sleek and clean. However during spring and fall when they usually blow their coats. You may need to brush them more often. If you want to bathe them make sure that the weather is warm enough for them to be comfortable. Even when they get wet despite looking tough rottweilers can easily get cold especially if they are wet.

4. Rottweilers are prone to being overweight 

10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs

Although they are naturally stocky dogs rottweilers can easily become obese. If they don’t get the right amount of daily exercise that they need. And obesity can cause serious problems for any dog. Such as heart disease and diabetes. For this reason, makes sure that your rottweiler gets the proper amount of exercise that they need

since they are working dogs this breed needs a family that can provide them with various outdoor activities. Some activities that they enjoy doing are long walks, playtimes, and hiking. It’s also worth noting that rottweilers are prone to excessive heat. Therefore you should not leave them outside in very hot weather. Also, make sure that they get an unlimited supply of freshwater as well as a tree or shade. Where they can rest. These dogs also have strong jaws so you have to invest in high-quality chew toys. That last for a good amount of time.

5. Rottweilers are intelligent dogs

Rottiliwers are capable of easily understanding commands. They’re taught before acting they think things through and won’t simply do something. Just because they’re told to do it which actually impresses a lot of people. Since they are intelligent dogs it is expected. That they also need plenty of mental exercises to keep themselves mentally stimulated. Without it, they can easily get bored and develop destructive behaviors

which we’re trying to prevent especially because they are big and powerful dogs. As an owner, it is necessary that you spend time with your dog. Take them out for a walk spend time playing with them and give them challenging puzzle toys. That’ll keep their mind working most of the time not only will it keep them mentally healthy. But it’s also a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with your dog. So far do you think the rottweiler is the right dog breed for you? Let us know in the comment section below. Letter in because for now, we’ll continue getting to know more about these loving dog breeds.

6. Rottweilers can be willful

10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs

A powerful dog needs a powerful owner rottweiler needs someone who is strong experienced firm. And consistent with the training they’re not bad dogs. But their fearless personality along with their great strength means. That not everyone can handle them properly early socialization and training are vital for rottweilers. If you can’t establish yourself as the alpha on the very first day you get them. Then these dogs would take the dominant role in the household. That rottweilers are not for first-time and novice dog owners.

7. Rottweilers are prone to some health conditions

Rottweilers have an average life span of 11 years. This is more than a decade of commitment. So it is important to know if they’re suitable for your family. Before owning them although they’re considered healthy dogs. Rottweilers may still be prone to certain health conditions. Just like all other dogs some health conditions you need to watch out for. Including hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism allergies, and cancer. It is important that they get their regular veterinary checkups. To detect early signs of such health issues that may prolong their lives. 

8. Rottweilers like to eat

As mentioned earlier rottweilers are prone to getting overweight. This is because these dogs love to eat. And will take every chance to get food from their owners. For this reason, owners should be firm enough but not harsh to discipline their rottweiler when it comes to eating.

9. Rottweilers are clam house pets

Rottweilers are not overly energetic dogs. Who go crazy without a reason instead they are quiet and calm dogs. Who doesn’t bark at everything they see even if face tough situations? This breed is good at assessing things first while holding its composure. For this reason, rottweilers make excellent dogs for police and military dogs, of course. They’re also excellent guard dogs at home they are calm and will not be unduly aggressive.

10. Rottweilers are loyal dogs 


We all know how strong rottweilers are but beneath their muscular body is a soft heart. Rottweilers create close bonds with their humans even with kids. They can be territorial but this is because they want to protect their family. Again as long as they are socialized and trained this breed will not be aggressive for no reason. This breed needs their attention and would want to be included in every family activity. While they are affectionate dogs towards their family. Do not expect rottweilers to be friendly towards strangers instead. They are wary of them which makes them great guard dogs.

After reading all of these 10 Important facts about rottweiler dogs. You will surely understand if a rottweiler is good for you or not.